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The Art of the Deal with the Devil

September 16, 2017|

When stories first started coming out in 2014 about Uber executives threatening journalists who criticized the company, it seemed like a case of bad crisis management. A VP in the company said something stupid [...]

How to be Funny in French

June 16, 2017|

(C’est incroyable, mais hier j’étais drôle en français.) I started studying French in 7th Grade, or maybe it was 6th. It’s hard to tell because it was the year my parents moved us to Australia [...]

Guess who won the Grand Award at the 2016 Cicero Awards

April 20, 2016|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MW7Jglw7bU Wow! What an unexpected honor. My speech, The Downside of Up: The Outrageous Fortune of Being a Speechwriter, was just named the 2016 Grand Award winner. The Cicero Awards are an international recognition of [...]

Have Yourself A Merry Little Bookshelf

December 23, 2015|

You are what you read because what you read changes your mind. Maybe not all at once and maybe not in ways you see clearly without the benefit of time. And then sometimes, yes, all [...]

Speaking at South by Southwest

February 26, 2015|

The nice folks who put on the SXSW Conference in Austin have invited me to speak and do a reading from my new book, The Downside of Up. It's fun to be part of the [...]

Elegant Innovation Changes Derby’s Life

December 17, 2014|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRmoowIN8aY&feature=share I love stories like this: a dog born with two deformed front legs got around OK. But then this team of designers went to work and jacked him up seriously. (Grab a Kleenex!)