Being Essential

“This book is a personal enlightenment game-changer. It will make ripples in the universe!”

Gina Balarin
Author, The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People

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Being Essential.

Seven Questions for Living and Leading with Radical Self-Awareness.

“If Malcolm Gladwell and Carl Jung had a baby, it would be Dain Dunston.”

“This book took me on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal insight. There is no question in my mind you owe it to yourself to read Being Essential.”

Vince Poscente
New York Times bestselling author, The Earthquake

Leaders may know what they have to do but don’t have a clue who they need to be. Being Essential presents the seven questions that will help you discover their Essential Self, the person you are at your core. “Radical self-awareness” is a game-changing mindset that unlocks a more effective, agile approach to life, love and leadership.

Dain Dunston has spent years helping leaders of some of the world’s greatest companies learn to ask the questions that matter most.

Here’s why Being Essential is at the heart of how he coaches top performers.

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“Dain’s message is clear and motivating: it’s not enough to build better teams and better companies, we can use our companies to build a better world!”

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