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Why This Book and Why Now?

March 18, 2022|

The Birth of Being Essential Being Essential is a book that wanted to happen, and it wanted to happen in a powerful way that was not entirely visible to me until I was well into [...]

Why You Drink (or Don’t Drink) Coffee

August 8, 2020|

I noticed this on my third cup this morning: Andrew Giambrone writing in The Atlantic says new research seems to suggest that coffee drinking isn't as much a personal choice as a genetic choice. A [...]

On the Beach, While the World Burns

January 12, 2020|

Eden, Australia – December 31, 2019: Tourists, a father and daughter at the beach in Eden by the evacuation center. (Joachim Zens) In the winter of 1961, my family moved to Frankston, a [...]

A Walker’s Christmas in Wales

December 22, 2018|

So it must have been after the birth of the simple light In the first, spinning place, the spellbound horse walking warm Out of the whinnying green stable On to the fields of praise. Dylan [...]

Everybody Should Leave America Immediately

July 10, 2018|

No, not forever. What did you think I meant? Just for a vacation. Remember those, when you went somewhere amazing with your family for two weeks because, well, obviously, you could? And because you wanted [...]

The Day I Went to the Nazi Rally

May 4, 2018|

I didn’t go to praise Nazis. I went to bury them. I didn’t know much. I was a naive college sophomore who could talk about Euripides and the Beatles but not much else. But I [...]

How I Found What I Love To Do

October 25, 2017|

Art Markman at the University of Texas posted a request on LinkedIn. Hey LinkedIn folks. I'm working on my next book, which will focus on the psychology of the workplace. Periodically, I'll be looking for [...]

The Art of the Deal with the Devil

September 16, 2017|

When stories first started coming out in 2014 about Uber executives threatening journalists who criticized the company, it seemed like a case of bad crisis management. A VP in the company said something stupid [...]