February 2015

December 2014

Cadillac Takes Manhattan

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A couple of weeks ago, Cadillac surprised many people by announcing they were moving their corporate headquarters to a trendy building in lower Manhattan. But anyone following their recent moves might not have been so [...]

November 2014

Bowing Before the Brand

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Derek Thompson has an interesting article in the Atlantic on how marketers--particularly in Silicon Valley--are studying cults like the Moonies and evangelical movements to understand how they can build stronger and more sticky brand loyalty. [...]

The Science of a Great Presentation.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nYFpuc2Umk Nancy Duarte is a brilliant graphic designer but also a great brand builder and communicator. In this video, she does a brilliant job of breaking down what makes an effective presentation. To illustrate, she [...]

October 2014

The Ocean Exchange

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I'm on my way to Savannah, Georgia, to host this year's Ocean Exchange Conference, a global innovation conference which awards two prizes for great, market-ready ideas for sustainable development. It's a fascinating conference, with ten [...]

July 2014


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"The most important leadership tool is the leader's Self--your Self. At the foundation of this principle...lies this simple assumption: every human being is not one but two. One is the person we have become through [...]