“The most important leadership tool is the leader’s Self–your Self. At the foundation of this principle…lies this simple assumption: every human being is not one but two. One is the person we have become through the journey of the past. The other one is the dormant being of the future we could become through our forward journey. Who we become will depend on the choices we make and the actions we take now. That being of the future is our highest or best future possibility. Both these beings are real in the sense that each one constitutes a specific body of resonance–the field of the past and the field of the future. I can evoke an active resonance with either field. Usually these two fields of resonance–and the different dimensions of our evolving self that they represent, are poles apart. The essence of presencing is to get these two selves, these two beings, to talk and listen to each other, to resonate, both individually and collectively.”

Otto Scharmer, MIT Sloan School of Management
Theory U, Presence


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