Leadership Development

Leaders are the storytellers-in-chief of your organization. We help leaders develop mastery in living both their personal story and the story of their organizaion. Most clients are CEOs or division president of major public companies who are at an inflection point and need a trusted outside sounding board through a period of transition. Others want help navigating strategic choices that will define the future business model and culture for years to come. Together, we develop a personal coaching model, finding a way of working that fits each leader’s own intellectual, emotional and spiritual framework. Because it’s not just about hitting your numbers. It’s about changing lives.

Coaching and Workshops

Leadership stories are shared by everyone in the organization. It’s not enough for a leader to frame the story of the organization’s purpose. To make the story stick, you need good communicators throughout the employee population. But how do your find them? You create them. Too many people think they’re communicating when all they’re doing is confusing. It doesn’t have to be like that. Great communication starts with listening and understanding. The more you do that, the better you’ll be at connecting with other people and gaining their trust. What if you could transform the way people listen to and understand the things you say and write? You can. And it starts here.

The Leader’s Journey

Nobody is born a leader. It’s a journey. It begins with a call to action, a reason why. And at every turning point, you find allies and gatekeepers. Gatekeepers try to set you back. Allies hold the keys to move your story forward. You just found an ally.

The leader’s job – and it’s the most important job in any organization — is to frame the story of the journey. Your story. The story of your organization. The story of everyone who joins you on the road. Place us in the frame. Bring us together as part of something bigger than ourselves. Give us a purpose worth living for and we’ll march with you.

From your stand, to your story, to outfitting you for the journey, we’ll help you open your heart to your leadership destiny by acting as a sounding board and a trusted advisor as you devise and revise your strategy, as you share your story, as you influence the outcomes of thousands of lives.

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