Most clients are CEOs or division president of major public companies who are at an inflection point and need a trusted outside sounding board through a period of transition. Others want help navigating strategic choices that will define the future business model and culture for years to come.

In most cases, we develop the coaching model as we work together, finding a way of working that fits their own intellectual, emotional and spiritual framework. But, in almost all cases, we’ll work on one or more of the following areas.

We Coach

for Deeper, More Rewarding Leadership Lives

We call it Leadership Presence. It means learning to be radically open to the moment and to the people around you is a learned skill that delivers dividends in better strategy, improved culture and a deeper connection with the people you serve. The result is leaders who listen, leaders who learn and leaders who love. Those who get see remarkable change in those around them and in the results they achieve.

We Frame

the Story of  Your Leadership Platform

We create a thought-leadership platform that defines the organization under your leadership, what you stand for and where you’re leading – not just your organization but every stakeholder your work touches. This may include co-authoring or ghostwriting books and articles or developing a speaking platform for public forums such as industry events or TED talks.

We Connect

Your Unique Story to Your Stakeholders

The Language of Leadership. We help you develop your leadership language so you can connect and inspire with audiences of all kinds, from employees to customers to partners and shareholders. We’ll work together to create breakthrough speeches that are brilliantly crafted to be memorable and moving.

In addition, speech- and media-coaching recalls you to leadership presence, whether your speaking in front of thousands of employees, on a call with analysts or one-on-one in an interview.

We Train

Your People to Make Your Story Stick

It’s not enough for you to get the story right. You need great storytellers throughout your organization. We’ll train them to be great at communicating to their co-workers, customers and communities.

Learn About Leadership Presence

“It’s easy to make things complicated. The ability to make things simple so that everyone can understand them is a gift. And Dain Dunston has helped Sherwin-Williams get our story clear for more than two decades. Through one of the strongest growth periods in our company’s 150 year history, he’s clarified our messages, kept them simple and called us to remember the power of our own stories.”

Chris Connor, former Chairman and CEO,
The Sherwin-Williams Company

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