Too many people think they’re communicating when all they’re doing is confusing. It doesn’t have to be like that. Great communication starts with listening and understanding. The more you do that, the better you’ll be at connecting with other people and gaining their trust. What if you could transform the way people listen to and understand the things you say and write? You can. And it starts here.

We provide individual coaching, along with programs for leadership teams and employee groups. Whether it’s an afternoon of speech-coaching, a two-day coaching camp or a global webinar, our highly engaging and interactive training programs deliver lasting results. Each is custom designed around you organizational and cultural needs.

The Stand

How to Speak Like You Mean Business

To speak is to take a STAND. Literally. You stand in front of your people and you enroll them in joining you in your stand. How? There are three specific things your audience needs to know before they’ll buy your story.

  • Do I trust you?
  • Do I know what you stand for?
  • Do you make me care?

In this coaching, you’ll learn to hit all three and to enjoy your time on stage while you’re doing it.

The Story

How to Make Ideas Stick

Story isn’t a “thing” you insert into communications to make them more memorable. To the human mind, story is everything and everything is story. Story is how we interpret the world around us, as told by our senses and organized into content by our minds. You’ll learn the rules of great stories and how to connect to a reader’s heart and mind in everything you write or speak, from a memo to a speech to a thought-leader book.

Pitch Camp

You want to change the world. How would you pitch that?

You’ve got a great creative idea and one chance to sell it to a major investor or client prospect. For start-ups and early capital raises, Pitch Camp is the best way to get results. Working with peers from companies at the similar stage of development helps you learn from the mistakes of others and often leads to meaningful collaborations. Naturally, one-on-one coaching is available, as well.

“Dain has years of expertise in helping entrepreneur companies. His friendly and open approach ensures they get the best mentoring, focusing on the gaps in their business which he highlights, ensuring they can fast track forward! With his help, we won Ocean Exchange, the first major award we received.”

Mairi Wickett, WITT Energy,
Portsmouth, England
2013 Ocean Exchange
Navigator Award Winner

“Dain gets it. He relates entertaining and fun stories, but is able to turn these stories into clear and actionable calls to make work more engaging and more productive. Leading thousands of employees in a global organization is a challenge. Dain reminds us about what makes our work important and how we can get the entire organization to be passionate about taking care of our customers.”

Trudy Rautio, former President and CEO, The Carlson Companies

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