February 2012

Finding the WAZE home.

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Last night I tested a new iPhone app: a navigation system called WAZE. The nav system in my car is six years old, clunky and outdated. The Garmin units I buy ($300 bucks every couple [...]

Lawless Lands

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Interesting article this week by Frank Jacobs, in the New York Times, about and area of Asia called Zomia. This is a vast "nationless" block of land stretching from Afghanistan in the west, through China [...]

The Brand Equation

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Branding consultant Denise Lee Yohn has an article worth reading about what defines a brand. I still run into clients who think their "brand" is their logo, or their name, or their sign. I define [...]

I’ve been on the road…

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...almost constantly for the last month. Keynote in Dallas, two trips to Nashville, meeting in New Jersey and family time in New York and Washington, DC. Rode the Acela to DC and almost, but not [...]

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