Interesting video of Porsche’s dealer launch of the new 911 yesterday in South Africa. Porsche are phenomenally profitable as a car company, able to leverage volume out of their daily driver models to fund development of sports cars and motorsport.

Two comments: one, look at how many people are recording the whole thing on their iPhones, including the dealer who shot this video; two, by this time the car has been seen at Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Laguna Seca, as well as all over the web. As much as I love to design this kind of launch, not sure it added much to the audience’s excitement and experience. However, the flyaway screen leading to the open doors was a nice touch and, admitttedly, we’re not seeing it in the context of the whole presentation that preceded it.
Too bad the jets weren’t quite on time but I guess they’re not that easy to cue, are they?

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