So if you really want to get some real traction on your person goals (you know, being a better person, living in the present, adding value to everyone whose lives you touch) I recommend spending some very focused time with Vince Poscente’s The Ant and the Elephant.

The book is a parable of a tiny ant trying to steer a giant elephant. The ant represents your conscious self and the elephant your subconscious. Your “ant” tries to guide you toward your goals while your “elephant,” after agreeing on the goals, decides to crash in the underbrush, leaving your dreams in the weeds.

Man, can I relate and I’m sure you can, too. We all set resolutions and direction for ourselve and then, months later, wonder why we never got anywhere and why nothing ever seems to change, except maybe for the worst. I’ve been working on this for years (who hasn’t) but Vince’s book was a real breakthrough for me and I think it will be for you.

Vince has an easy and amazing technology for harnessing the energy of your subconscious mind and keeping yourself on track. So if you want peak performance and a breakthrough in your effectiveness as a leader and innovator, check it out.

Here’s a link to Vince’s book page.

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