Coming March 8, 2022

Being Essential presents the seven questions that will help any leader discover an authentic path to the true self and master a virtuous cycle of self-awareness that fosters purpose, value, and joy at work and in life.

Leaders often know what they need to do, but don’t have a clue who they need to be. Without a true essence of self, their leadership can feel void of purpose and confidence, affecting both teams and stakeholders. But when leaders discover their essential selves—who they are at their cores and why they show up—it enables them to reach a state of “radical self-awareness,” a game-changing skill that unlocks a more effective, commanding, agile approach to leadership.

For more than thirty years, Dain Dunston has been coaching top executives to find the essence of their personal and professional journeys. Now readers can learn the holistic method he uses to calibrate leaders’ minds for radical self-awareness and help them achieve more satisfying professional experiences.

The seven questions are taught through examples from neuroscience, psychology, real-world events, pop culture, and foundational stories from the world’s great philosophical and religious traditions, from Buddha to the Bible. Leaders will learn how to use these crucial questions in an active, dynamic practice for themselves and for the people they lead.

In an age of massive disruption, where our work and our senses of self are challenged by forces both external and existential, it is more important than ever to master the skill of self-awareness. Being Essential provides a personalized, proven framework to develop radical self-awareness and lead with the true self.

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Think about a movie or novel, a story that changed the path of your destiny. Our job is to help you write that movie. For yourself. For those who love you. For those who follow you. Our job is to help you build a wide wake that lifts as many human beings as possible.

Whatever field you’re in — corporate, non-profit, academe or government – we’ll help you write the story of your time and your impact.

“A novelist doesn’t write any better story than a person creating a business. But even the best novelists have editors who say ‘You have to take that scene out. It’s not moving the story forward.’ That’s what your guidance provides. You help move our story forward.”

KEITH CARGILL, President and CEO, Texas Capital Bank

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