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The Value of “An Appropriate Response”

There’s an old Zen story about a young monk starting out on the path of enlightenment. From time to time, he notices an older monk, the oldest in the monastery, working quietly in the gardens and it occurs to him that in the decades the old monk has been practicing, [...]

June 5, 2022|

Journaling for Life Fitness

Memorial Day 2022 (also posted on Reservoir.llc) It's a holiday morning and I'm sitting outside just after dawn writing in my journal, which I've titled, "Life Fitness." It's an important and valuable transition from my morning meditation and the events to come in the day, whether that's writing an article, [...]

May 30, 2022|

Why This Book and Why Now?

The Birth of Being Essential Being Essential is a book that wanted to happen, and it wanted to happen in a powerful way that was not entirely visible to me until I was well into writing it. It happened in a series of what seemed like coincidences that seemed to [...]

March 18, 2022|

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