Southwest Airlines, about which my co-authors Kevin and Jackie wrote so brilliantly, gets all the great customer service stories and American gets far fewer, so when there’s a great story, it’s a pleasure to share it.

Returning from a trip on American last week, I was just pulling out of the parking lot in Austin when my phone rang. “Mr. Dunston, this is Barb with American. Did you leave an object on the plane?”

A sudden realization: “My iPad!”

“Where are you?”

I told her.

“Well, let me go to the gate and get it. I’ll call you when I have it.”

I circled the airport once and then pulled up in front of the American doors. My phone rang, I told her where I was and a moment later, here comes Barb with my iPad. She said she liked my car and that her husband had one just like it.

“His is a turbo!”

So cudos to Barb and to American for that kind of concern for a customer. Other places they might have sent me an e-mail with a number to call a day later. But she treated a customer they way she would have wanted to be treated and it showed. Thanks, Barb.

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