What’s coming in the future that could make your business–even your entire industry–obsolete? How do you respond? Can you see it coming? Can you design a new organization to take over from inside your current one when the current one becomes unworkable.

Shelley Evenson says you can. In a short column in Fast Company’s Co.Design, she explains the three keys for making it happen.

“One of the things we’re going to be doing is working with clients, taking a specific trend and saying, ‘if this trend affected your organization, what are the new kinds of things you might see?’ Really mapping them against the white stick of their competitors,” Evenson explains. “You take the trend, see how it applies to us, and see it in the competitor’s mind–it’s often really challenging–but often times you can see where the next opportunity is going to be … especially if you consider it against all the trends, and the broad economic and cultural issues that are going on.”

Having the courage to redesign your organization begins with having a team that’s willing to re-learn, re-tool and redefine themselves and their culture. Are you ready to do that>

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