What the Leader Needs to Know

You’re a founder of a start-up, doing something new, and you’re a fish out of water. You can flounder, which is a good way to learn …

Based on Dain’s Upcoming Book

Need To Know:

The Essential Knowledge of the Leader

If you want to lead a successful start up, you need to have radical self-knowledge and there are two ways to get that: suffer humiliating failure, or ask yourself the right questions. We know from long experience coaching CEOs that asking the right questions is much less painful. In this workshop, based on Dain’s new book Need To Know: The Essential Knowledge of the Leader, you’ll learn the 7 classical questions every leader has to ask and answer to be trusted, respected and believed. These seven questions are the foundation of our ontological coaching practice, built around the fundamental question: “Who are you being?” Because who you are being, right here and right now, determines what will happen next.  Other questions are “Where Are You?”, “What Do You Want?”, “What Don’t You Know?” and “What Wants to Happen Next?” In this workshop, you’ll learn to coach yourself and your team to master self-awareness.

The questions are surprisingly simple, but the answers?  You’ll work on them for the rest of your life, and maybe then some. In this workshop, you’ll learn to coach yourself and your team to master self-awareness.

or you can focus on the essential things every leader needs to know, which is a better way.

I’m Dain Dunston. And with my friend Bijoy Goswami of Bootstrap Austin, we invite you to the Need To Know workshop.

We’re going to show you how you can maximize your chances of success by learning to ask seven essential questions every conscious leader needs to ask.

We’ve both founded startups and we’ve got years of coaching some of the best leaders in business – leaders of start ups and Fortune 1000 companies – and here’s what we’ve learned.

You’ve got to know where you are, who you are and what you want.

If you think that’s easy, try this one: you’ve got to know what business you’re in. We’ll share stories of companies who were almost on the rocks when they got that one right and turned themselves around.

And a critical question: what don’t you know? Because all the tech knowledge and financial smarts won’t make much difference if you don’t know how to lead.

This is your need to know moment. We’ll see you at SXSW!