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Dain Dunston


“Quite simply the most practical book about innovation I’ve ever read.”

Vijay Govindarajan
Author, Reverse Innovation, professor-in-residence and chief innovation consultant at GE.

“Nanovation not only captures the story of an impossible dream come true; it shows us that what is good for business can and should be good for the world. If you’re interested in stoking the fires of innovation and making a profit while making a difference, Nanovation is a must read.”

Indra Nooyi
chairman and CEO, Pepsico

“Nanovation is a compelling look into what it takes to knock down the doors of business-as-usual and a warning not to downsize your dreams.”

Gary Kelly,
chairman and CEO, Southwest Airlines

“If you’re a leader on fire to make a difference, you have to read this book.”

Roy Spence,
chairman GSD&M Advertising and CEO of The Purpose Institute

NANOVATION How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold

In Nanovation, Kevin Freiberg, Jackie Freiberg and Dain Dunston take you behind the scenes and show you how, in the face of insurmountable odds, Tata Motors created one of the greatest innovations in the auto industry since the Model-T. More than the story of one car, Nanovationis the story of a diverse and far-reaching movement in business and design that is radically changing the way we think about products and the companies that make them. Nanovation is the kind of less-is-more, revolutionarily elegant design that turns complexity into simplicity. Nanovation is, by definition, ingenious simplicity and effectiveness in the solution of a problem. Nanovation is inflamed by the daring pursuit of a big, big challenge, a dream that seems, literally, impossible. Inflamed, because it lights a fire that won’t die down, an itch that won’t go away. Daring, because it invites scorn, obstruction and very public failure. Impossible, because if it were easy, someone else would have done it. When the process of Nanovation identifies a cause that is worthy of creative minds, it can’t help but create a movement. When you define the project as a noble, heroic cause, people have a direct line-of-sight that links their individual contributions to something bigger, something deeply meaningful. Nanovation starts a revolution. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, someone, somewhere right now is building a product, process or business model designed to kick your butt. How? By producing change that matters, someone is going to redefine what it takes to succeed in your business. Someone is going to start the revolution that will change your world. Why can’t it be you? Want to unpack Nanovation more fully? Click the link on the right.

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

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speak, write, and consult on the unconventional practices of globally admired leaders who radically differentiate themselves. As authors of the international bestseller NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, the Freibergs are ranked among the world’s most influential speakers on innovation, culture, leadership, and service. They are the founders of San Diego Consulting Group, Inc. and, two global firms advising and equipping leaders for a world of change. Both PhDs, Jackie and Kevin speak globally as well as teach leadership seminars at the University of San Diego, School of Leadership and Education Sciences. They are the coauthors of GUTS! and BOOM!

What readers are saying.

“Insightful, readable, compelling. I own both a hard copy and an electronic version of Nanovation and I wholeheartedly recommend this book!”

Drew McCandless, President, Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes

“Your book is a tribute to Mr.Tata and all those members of his team. I do not think anyone knew of the huge problems that they overcame.Your book is a revelation.”

R.K., Mumbai, India

“LOVED your book!!! … Educational, inspirational, emotional, memorable, and of course, well-written & worth rereading.”

A.W., Austin, Texas

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