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With two books out and two more on the way, I’m taking to the corporate stage with a new collection of stories and insights to help your audience rethink their approach to innovation, culture and teamwork.

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A Culture of Creativity


Want to make people hungry for change? Eager to exceed customer expectations? Ready to disrupt your industry in the service of a cause? Behind every organization there’s a compelling story and I can help you tell it.

Together, we can help you build a culture that’s purpose-driven, authentic, innovative, productive … and branded to the bone. And I’ll help you communicate and cultivate that culture in ways that stick.


The Downside of Up

DoU flat on back (240x85)

The Downside of Up is a comic novel of outrageous fortune. A novel? Yes, but the practical wisdom behind the story isn’t fiction. It’s a case study of how to turn a failing company around, tracking the best leadership practices of today.

Why a novel? Because we internalize characters more easily than concepts. Because leadership is built on stories: the stories we believe and the stories we share. It’s a fiction read that’s full of timely and important business lessons.